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The Greatest Drawing In The Universe: The Day I Met Prince

December 30, 2016

I have made it a point to keep my distance from most humans because of my seemingly obscure view on life, the Universe & Everything (great book by Douglas Adams btw). I’m the one sitting outside on the patio when everyone else is trying to avoid the elements. I have been called a recluse, I just like keeping to myself, I get my best artistic thinking done that way and you would be surprised how much goes on around you when you pull your face out from under that smartphone and pay attention.

It was this introverted instinct that led me to meet one of the world’s greatest minds of our time; and who became my friend.


I have been extremely reluctant to mention this to anyone due to the mean and hurtful things I have seen people say of others who are known to have been around Prince. However, after discussing this with those who were aware of my relationship, and in attempt to releive myself of the sorrow I feel losing him, I opted to finally open up, even if it's a tiny crack.

I truly believe we are meant to meet the people in our lives, however minuscule it may be. I lived in a large city and I craved the energy of nature, so I would frequent a nearby coffee shop for 2 reasons; outdoor seating & a nice view of the park across the street. I remember 1 brisk autumn morning I was sitting out there sipping on my coffee and doodling on the cardboard holder. I get into my art, this dude comes up from behind and asks if the seat at my table was taken. Being a typical douche I say “No, take it” without so much as looking away from my drawing.

The dude proceeds to sit. . . at my table. . .

As I turn my head to see who dares disrupt my daydream he proceeds to ask “What are you drawing?” I see the smile shining in my direction and almost lost my composure. I nervously turn the cardboard over so he can see what it was, because for that moment, my brain lost all motor control to my mouth and I was incapable of producing sound... Well, maybe a squeal, but don’t think he spoke dolphin...

He looks, and fascinated at the duality concept, he proceeds to engage in a rather deep conversation with me regarding duality, which led to spirituality, which led to philosophy. It was ethereal how comfortable and engrossed we were. He found a comfortable stopping point, checked the time, and said he needed to get going soon.

He then asked me why I thought he sat down next to me, I’m like I don’t know there was a free chair and the stars aligned so perfectly it could not have worked out any better unless I started shitting money? lol and at this point it’s irrelevant...

He said “just take a look (gestures to the caffeinated tech zombies) all these people connected to their devices and here you are with a pen and paper... not even paper! It’s a scrap of cardboard that would normally get the attention of a used Kleenex... and here you are treating it like it was fine art linen”.

He then asked if he can see my drawing again, by this time I had almost completed it, all that was left was to add the eye on the left. He took the cardboard, the pen out of my hand and drew the eye in himself, he said “there! now it really is duality, you drew on it and I drew on it” and proclaimed “now that piece of cardboard is going to be treated better than any cardboard in the history of cardboard coffee holders”. In retrospect, I probably looked like a starry-eyed school girl the whole damn time…

I started to stand up to leave (I started to feel a little awkward, like I was keeping him) I thanked him for his company and for providing me the single greatest conversation I’d ever had in my entire life. He thanked me as well, and was absolutely thrilled we had gelled on that level and how rare it was to find truly like-minded thinkers.

That bit of wood pulp represents the day I met one of my most cherished friends in this plain of existence. I did not see this man as most saw him. I was shown a side that was only reserved to very, very few... From the moment I first met this wonderful soul , he has built a palace in my heart and forever become a part of me...

So many people come and go into our lives, and some leave their mark deeper than others. It is a rare and beautiful thing when you find members of your spiritual tribe. And that my friends can never be taken away.



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