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This design was the first tribute I created when I learned of the tragic news. The design represents How Prince and his love are Infinite and reaches beyond our physical realm.

Infinite Love Series

Infinite Love symbol is a trademark of Resonance Of The Universe

Prince Tribute Art

This art is done in tribute to my dear friend Prince Rogers Nelson. I first met Prince in 1991 in Chicago, Illinois. The last time I met up with him was in 2013 at the SxSW Festival in Austin, Texas. I miss him every day and to cope with this tremendous loss I drew these loving tributes to honor my friend.

These works are provided in high resolution and depending on internet speed may take time to load

None of the artwork displayed represents any affiliation or endorsement by Paisley Park Enterprises.

The "Infinite Love" symbol is a trademark of Resonance of the Universe.


Prince & Versace

Design & Style worthy of our Prince


Energy Changing Form

Prince had a famous saying
"May U Live 2 C the Dawn"
which is depicted by the Sun. The Sun is also representing his 3rd eye.

The leaping Dolphin resonates the lyrics
"If I came back as a Dolphin, would U listen 2 me then?"

The Beam of Light emanates from the Minnesota Area of the Globe, representing the pure and powerful energy this prolific artist shined into our lives.

Energy is Infinite,
and can never be destroyed, only Transformed...

I will cherish the warm glow of the dawn until for you I no longer mourn,

Knowing it's your Infinite Energy that has simply changed form.

Prince Tribute EnergyChangingFormSig WM
Prince Tribute Mountains copyright.png


This tribute is done to commemorate the beloved Prince film "Under the Cherry Moon" with particular detail to the lyrics of the song "Mountains"

The Moon is reminiscent of the movie title "Under The Cherry Moon" while below...

 Christopher Tracy Parades His Love & Flamboyant Sensuality

Mountains arising from the shoulder taking the shape of a wing.
As the Heart flows to create the waves of a surrounding sea

This work is done in a semi-monochromatic fashion to coincide with the beloved Black & White film.


LotusFlow3r Ascending

This work is the prequel to "Energy Changing Form" (seen below) I integrated the LotusFlow3r Album Artwork with my own creative inspiration.

I do not own the rights to the Lotusflow3r album art elements, copyright belongs to NPG records.

Due to the integration of the album art, I regret to inform that this piece is NOT for sale, if you find it being sold anywhere, please contact me immediately. 

Prince Tribute LotusFlow3r Asending WM.p
Prince Infinity Symbol Doves cw.png

The Day the Doves Cried

My First Tribute after creating the "Infinite Love" Logo. I completed this work the evening of April 21st, 2016.


Prince's pet doves;

Majesty and Divinity are both represented within this work.

Fall In Love 2nite

This is one of my favorite photos of Prince, so of course it was only a matter of time I drew it


Fill The Air

...with Music


Rainbow Child

He Was Sound, I was Vision,

Together We were Synchronized Precision.

He Kept Me Safe, I Kept Him Wild

This is the Love Of a Rainbow Child


In This Bed

I've always loved the original photograph this work takes it's inspiration from.

I decided to modernize the work and give my vision of the piece.

It represents to me the unification of the old school with the new school.

This version comes in 2 forms: Day & Night

Originally measures at 36"x48"


I Am Music

I don't believe most people truly understand the meaning behind this quote.

This Tribute visually captures the true meaning behind the words he spoke in attempt to best describe the limited function of those words.


I Am The


In Prince's One Song, this set of lyrics rings loudest and deserved to be honored with the symbolism behind the words.

This piece originally measures at 48"x36"


We Don't Need No Clouds

Inspired by Prince's Song "Clouds" this piece brings the tender seduction of the man behind the music.

This piece originally measures at 48"x36"



This is the first in a series I am working on that portrays Prince during the Parade era.
These Digital Drawings are in Tribute to one of my top favorite photo sessions. The photos were all published from the belly button upward and do not show the pants nor the chain he wore around his waist, which in my opinion made this style iconic. So after research, trial and error, I added the pants and the infamous hip chain. 

Archangel Of Funk

Free Urself

And Save A Place 4 Me

Pencil & Pen



Everyone has their own experience.
That's why we are here, to go through Our experience. To Learn, to go down all those paths and eventually, you may have gone down so many paths and learned so much that you don't have to come back again.


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